Mortgage Postcard Pricing


All inclusive pricing for Mortgage Postcards

Printing, Addressing, Targeted Mailing List and Postage
all included in one flat rate.


5000 cards                 52 cents per card

10,000 cards              50 cents per card

20,000 cards              48 cents per card


There is one time $50 set up/design fee to make your design and camera ready proof. Price may be higher if we use a specialty mailing list or mailing list containing credit data.

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QR Codes

Upon request we will embed a QR code into your snap pack for the recipients to scan with their smart phones and be directed to your web site.

QR codes give your prospects an additional means to respond to your offer and added web site traffic in conjunction with inbound sales calls.


We provide you with a unique QR code that links to your company's web site URL free of charge. It is always advantageous to give the recipients of mortgage postcard advertising another means of responding to your offer.


Call us 9 am - 6pm Eastern time... (954) 312-8130



What we do

We design unique postcards and snap pack mailers that make a targeted prospect notice your loan offer.

We use eye catching visuals combined with common sense copy that appeals directly to that targeted prospect.

and we also...

 provide targeted mortgage mailing lists and mortgage telemarketing lists for those companies that do their own mortgage marketing in house.

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