Reverse Mortgage Mailing Lists

The most important aspect of Reverse Mortgage marketing is to correctly target the right prospects.

We have done 100s of Reverse Mortgage direct mail campaigns
and know how to correctly target seniors most likely in financial distress to respond


For successful Reverse Mortgage marketing campaigns, you must
find debt or some kind of financial distress. No one is going to
cash in their equity without good reason. Sometimes you will
find a widower or single older Man looking to cash out, but they are few and far between.


First, we target older homeowners (67-84) who are still paying off a first mortgage with 10% - 30% LTV . No one wants to be in their
70s still paying off their mortgage.


We also target those with lower household incomes and have
serious health issues in the household.


We always recommend you target seniors with home values $150,000 to $500,000 for Reverse Mortgages (slightly higher in CA,HI). The HECM is basically a middle class product. In our experience, the higher the home value you target, the lower your response rate will be.

Reverse Mortgage Lists

Basic Reverse Mortgage Criteria

Seniors  aged 65 - 84, Home values of $150,000 -$500,000. Minimum 60% equity in home. Household Income under $30,000.  9 cents per record... 11 cents with phone

Seniors with $10,000+ credit card debt

 Home values 150,000 to 500,000, 65 – 84  age range,
 $10,000+ revolving debt , under 50% LTV  10 cents per
record….12 cents each with phone

Seniors delinquent on property taxes

65+ ,Age range, LTV under 50% who are currently delinquent on property taxes. States of CA, AZ, FL and WA only.  No phones available   12 cents per record

Spanish Speaking Reverse Prospects 

65 – 84 Age Range, Hispanic. Spanish is primary language spoken in household. Home values of $150,000 -$500,000.  Minimum 60% equity in home.  Household Income under $30,000.  10 cents per record...12 cents with phone

Health Issues in Household

65-84 Age Range, Minimum 50% equity in home, one
or both of seniors in household have health issues
10 cents per record...12 cents with phone number

2500 record minimum order on all files


Call us 9 am - 6pm Eastern time... (954) 312-8130

What we do

We design unique mortgage postcards and mortgage snap pack mailers that make targeted prospects notice your loan offer.

Eye catching visuals and common sense copy that appeals directly to that targeted prospect.

and we also...

 provide targeted mortgage mailing lists and mortgage telemarketing lists for those companies that do their own mortgage marketing in house.

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